Gaspésie 2021 🦞

The most-requested of our road trips with the most beautiful parks and best animal observations, all in one LONG ROAD TRIP !

🍁 SUMMER 2021 FROM JUNE 24 TO JULY 2 & AUGUST 17-25  VincenTrip designed a full week of camping, adventures and surprises for you! Here's the program:

🏁Day 1 Montreal => Bic Park

🚩Day 2 Bic Park => Gaspésie Park

🚩Day 3 Gaspésie Park =>Forillon and Gaspésie Parks

🚩Day 4-5-6 Gaspé => Percé et baie des chaleurs

🚩 Day 7 Baie des Chaleurs => Rivière-du-Loup

🆕 Kayak on Bonaventure River included 

🏁 Day 8 Lake Témiscouata => Montreal 

💡 Information for workers: Both June 24th and July 1st étant are holidays in Quebec so you won't have to ask to have those days off 😎

How to join us: 

  • A small presentation of yourself 🙂 
  • Pre-book the trip at the bottom of the page (Free)
  • On t’appel dès que possible pour te présenter le voyage et finaliser la .  
  • Thank you

🔵 SUMMER 2021

🟡 PRICE for Camping : 1049$ tax included 

🟢 PRICE Hotels / Inns : 1599 tax included (not available right now)

*all-inclusive: taxes, transportation, hikes, meals, entrances to national parks, tents, plaids, and camping mattresses... and on top of all that, memories and good mood ! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

*camping spot with bathroom reserved in advance by VincenTrip *2400 kilomètres , 7 nuits en campings et visites de 5 parcs Nationaux Municipaux et provinciaux  🏞. 

We have added one more day this year to give you time to explore Percé and its surroundings and we have added the kayaking activity on the beautiful Bonaventure River 🚣

A few pictures of our first trip in Gaspésie in 2020 ⤵️

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