Cancellations and refunds:

  • 7 days before departure: 100% refunded for day trips
  • 30 days before departure: for 2-day trips
  • 60 days before departure: for long trips
  • Past the deadline, VincenTrip will refund you if we manage to sell your ticket.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, VincenTrip programs can vary. If that's the case, our team will do their best to adjust and offer you equally fun alternatives. Our team will be the one deciding whether you should get a compensation or not.
  • If, for some reason, a trip is canceled, VincenTrip will refund the participants according to the price of the activity if it couldn't be replaced by another one.
  • Weather: the trip can be moved to another day if the weather is not appropriate.
  • Your ticket is not nominative, it can be sold or given to a friend or a relative if you can't attend the trip. VincenTrip must be aware of this change.
  • Selling the ticket for profit is prohibited.

Applicable on 26 August 2018